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Dear Catsters, August 16, 2011
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Today's message is a special missive from our Community Help and Response team.

Pretty much every day, we get emails from community members with problems that can be easily and quickly resolved by simply upgrading to a new version of their web browser. Newer browsers are able to display the exact same webpages much faster and more reliably. The top complaints a newer browser can solve are: slow page serving, showing all the gifts on a page, and handling heavily-customized pet or group pages.

If you're using a version of a browser that is more than a year old, we warmly encourage you to upgrade to its newest version. They are all free and very stable, modern and reliable.

To get a free upgrade for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari, just click your browser's icon above and find the 'download' button. If you don't know what browser you use, click here to find out.

By keeping your browser version up-to-date, you'll improve your browsing on all websites, not just Catster, so we can't recommend it more as a great way to maximize your time online.

Thanks for reading, and of course just contact us when you have problems you need help with.

Your geeky pet friends at HQ

NB: If you are on an older system that technically can't support updating your browser, we understand. We make our sites so they work on browsers that are 5+ years old (which is like 50 years in Internet age). We can't make those browsers work any better then they were originally made, but we do make sure our sites work as well as possible on them.

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