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Dear Catster Member, August 2, 2011
Does Owning a Cat Make You Sexier?
Does Owning a Cat Make You Sexier?

When the phrase "cat lady" is bandied about, many people think of a slovenly, unkempt woman wearing sandals with socks and a bath robe. But as many a Catster will tell you, this tired stereotype simply isn't true! In a fun new piece featured on the site, veteran journalist Julia Szabo reminds us that the feline archetype has been associated with feminine power, strength and sensuality for thousands of years.

How cat ladies are bringing sexy back »

So Much for Privacy!

So Much for Privacy!Does your cat follow you everywhere you go, including the bathroom? Moo, our resident kitty blogger, encourages this »

Site Downtime This Week

Site Downtime This WeekJust a heads-up: Catster will be offline for six hours later this week as we switch to a more modern server. Get all the details about the downtime over here »

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