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Dear Catster Member, June 14, 2011
Do Your Cats Ever Give You Strange Gifts?

Who says cats aren't giving creatures? Why, just last week alone, Catsters we know received several massive hairballs, the rear end of a lizard, and yes, several mice.

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Rescuer Fights The IRS and Wins!

Rescuer Fights The IRS and Wins! When Jan Van Dusen claimed $12,068 in expenses for cat care on her tax return, she had no idea it would lead to a battle with the IRS and a precedent-setting decision by the U.S. Tax Court. Read more »

These Cats are All Heart

These Cats are All HeartDoes your cat wear her heart on her fur? We've rounded up a cute clowder of kitties that do so in the literal sense of the word! See some seriously special markings »

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Cat's Pride® Travel KitWhether you're traveling, cat-sitting or just looking for convenience, Cat's Pride KatKit® is the ultimate disposable, portable, no-mess litter box solution!
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