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Hi Everypaw, April 26, 2011
Some News We'd Like to Share

Last week we shared some Maine Coon-sized news with you - but since we know not everybody comes to Catster through the front door, we thought we'd send this note out so everyone can share in our excitement. The word on the street is: we've got some furtastic new pawrents! All of Catster, our sites and our team have found their furever home at SAY Media.

SAY is a great company located in San Francisco, just 1.1 miles from our current HQ, and they are dedicated to powering the best passion-based media the Internet has to offer. The folks at SAY are huge fans of independent communities like Catster, and have the resources and technology to make them even better. SAY is a passionate, modern company that reminds us a lot of ourselves at a much larger scale. They love what we do and want to make it much easier for us to do more of it. Our whole team will be joining their cattery and together we'll continue making Catster and Dogster the go-to sites for pet-lovers on the web.

The reason this is so exciting for our members and visitors is that now we can really focus on making Catster, Dogster and all our sites the best they can be. SAY will handle the burdensome tasks of 24/7/365 uptime, accounting, facilities, desktop IT, software updates and all the other issues that monopolize inconceivable amounts of time when building massive web sites. They'll provide us with state-of-the-art web serving and bring great enhancements to the advertising and brand experience across our sites. This means that our existing team will be able to focus entirely on continuing to deliver the best, most helpful online communities for pet people. There's nothing we cherish more then our pawsome members and the safe, fun, informative environments of our communities. We are so happy to have found the perfect pawrent in SAY - we know they are enthusiastic about our vision and feel the same way we do about continuing to grow our great communities.

Ted Rheingold, Top Cat

and everypaw at HQ

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