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Dear Catsters, April 22, 2011
Some News We'd Like to Share

When I first came on as Dogster and Catster's Community Manager nearly four years ago, I was excited for the opportunity to work in an environment that encouraged the love of dogs and cats. What I didn't realize was that my pets Lucy, Miss Madhi (bless her), Hambone, and I would be so generously welcomed and supported by members of the Dogster and Catster Communities.

From the very beginning you have all made us feel as though we belonged to the Community. Over the years, we've made thousands of Pup Pals and Feline Friends, have been invited to participate in Group activities, "pawties" and weddings, been showered with gifts and rosettes on special occasions, sought and given advice in the Forums, and shared with you all of the joys and challenges that come with loving our pets.

Earlier in the week, we announced that Dogster and Catster were going to be a part of Say Media. Some of you expressed your concerns and we want to reassure you that Say recognizes how special and unique the Dogster and Catster Communities are. As our founder, Ted Rheingold, mentioned, Say is going to help us with the burdensome behind-the-scenes tasks of keeping the site up and running so that our team can focus on you and making our sites the best they can be. We're not going anywhere and Dogster and Catster will still be the fun, friendly, and supportive communities they've always been, only better.

We have been truly furtunate to run with an always amazing and paw-inspiring Dogster pack and Catster clowder and look forward to many more fun times ahead!

With woof and much meow,

Lori Malm, Community Manager

Lucy, Miss Madhi (bless her), and Hambone

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