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Dear Catster Member, April 5, 2011
Be Prepared: Here's How
Be Prepared: Here's How

If disaster strikes, do you have a good emergency plan that includes the four-pawed member of the family? We aren't the alarmist types here at Catster, but the recent disasters in Japan, New Zealand and Australia have pushed this important issue to the forefront of our minds. Many pet owners admit they need an emergency preparedness plan, but few people actually have one in place.

Here are five things you can do today that could save your cat's life ››

Love Your Cat, But Not The Hairballs?

FURminatorYou can minimize or even prevent hairballs thanks to FURminator deShedding tools for cats. Receive a FREE Waterless Hair Care Spray plus FREE Shipping when you buy online! Shop Now!

Cats and Collars

Cats and CollarsIs your cat a fan of break-away collars, harnesses or standard buckle collars? Or does he prefer to roam your home collar-free? We want to know! Take the Catster collar poll! ››

Foxtails: They're Baaack!

Foxtails are BackFoxtail season is back with a vengeance. Catster vet Dr. Barchas calls these plants "public enemy number one" in the veterinary world. Learn why foxtails deserve this distinction and how to quickly identify them »

Introducing: Meowing Deals

Meowing DealsOur pawsome pals recently launched Meowing Deals, a kitty club with deep discounts on cat products. Because they love us, Catsters get an extra 30% off through April 8! All orders also get free shipping. Just use 'Catster30' when you check out »

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