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Here Comes the Sun!

Spring has sprung and cats everywhere are loving it! Visit our sunny springtime photo gallery to see how our favorite felines are celebrating the season. And be sure to stop by your Catster pet page and tag the photos of your furkid lounging in the sunshine with the word "sun" to be included in the gallery ››

R&R™ Respiratory Relief Litter with Herbal Essences

R&R™ Respiratory Relief Litter with Herbal EssencesR&R™ litters help control respiratory disease in cats because the litters are low in dust and hypo-allergenic with no plant proteins, added perfumes or deodorants. Save $1.00 on your first bag!

Your Trips To The Store Are Over!

PetFlowPetFlow takes the hassle out of shopping for cat food. They deliver all of the best brands, right to your door.
Get Free shipping on any order over $59! »

Japan's Cat Island Survives Disaster

Japan's Cat Island Survives DisasterAfter much concern that Cat Island was destroyed in the recent earthquake and tsunami, we were relieved to hear that the island and its residents have survived, though here was some damage to property. Learn how you can help »

What is the Best Treatment for Feline Asthma?

What is the Best Treatment for Feline Asthma?In cats with feline asthma, air passages in the lungs become irritated and narrow. Catster vet Dr. Barchas discusses the best ways to treat it ››

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