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Dear Catster Member, December 14, 2010
10 Most Famous LOL Cats
10 Most Famous LOL Cats

If you've been casually following the LOL Cat phenomenon you'll know that cats are funny but demanding creatures who can't spell very well, even in their internal monologues. LOL Cats have been everywhere for years and don't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon, so we at Catster have made it our job to keep up with the LOLs. Check out our cheat sheet of the 10 most famous LOL Cats and let us know who else deserves to be on the list!

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Cat Goes From Rags To Riches, Thanks to Facebook

Martini - Rags to RichesFour months ago, a grimy Persian cat was wandering the streets searching for anything vaguely resembling a meal. Today, he's a star »

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