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Dear Catster Member, November 9, 2010
Our Favorite Talking Cats
Our Favorite Talking Cats

Cats have their own language and are thought to emit over 100 sounds. They are vocal when they're hungry, frustrated or in distress. Many cats speak just for the fun of it and seem to sense that we enjoy a constant mewing. But then there are cats who have crossed the language barrier and are known for their ability to speak in human tongues. From cartoon cats to kitties made famous by YouTube clips, here are some of our favorite chatty cats.

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Meet Cat Illustrator Ikki Matsumoto

Cat's PrideArtist Ikki Matsumoto has done everything from illustrating The Joy of Cooking to painting an Easter Egg for Nancy Reagan. We recently stumbled upon his cat art and we love it »

It's Not Just Dogs…

It's Not Just Dogs… In September, USA Today waxed poetic on how dogs are good for their owners' well-being. Cat lovers chimed in, saying dogs aren't the only ones with this effect. A new article proves them right »

Early Detection Saves Lives

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