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Dear Catster Member, September 14, 2010
Learn more about the history of black cats
Learn more about the history of black cats

Ever altered your course so that a black cat won't cross your path? If you have, you're in a minority. In many world cultures, the black cat is revered as a good omen or good luck charm, not a portent of evil.

Learn more about the history of black cats ››

Of Cats and Collars

Of Cats and CollarsAn Ohio State University study reveals that most cats will gladly wear collars. Proper fitting, with room for two fingers between the neck and the collar, is key. Read on »

Don't Skip the Annual Check-up

Four Reasons for an Annual Check-upAccording to recent stats, the average cat visits the vet less than half as often as the average dog. But yearly check-ups are important for cats. Here's why ››

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