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Dear Catster Member, July 20, 2010
The Great Outdoors
The Great Outdoors

If you've got an indoor cat, you may wonder what it would be like to give her a taste of the outdoors. Many cat owners are opposed to letting their pet roam free in the backyard - and with good reason - while others think that the alternative of walking kitty on a leash is a bit, well, out there. But a few will give it a shot, and a small percentage might incorporate a walk into their cat's exercise regime.

Here are 10 tips for training your cat on a harness ››

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Make Your Cat Love the Litter Box

Cat AttractCat Attract™ litter has a natural herbal additive and an ideal texture and particle size to bring your cat back to the litter box. Get a discount coupon here.

Four Ingestible Cat Hazards

Four Ingestible Cat HazardsAs you've discovered by now, your pet is an amazingly curious and resourceful hunter of fun things to do and eat. Unfortunately, some of those things can be harmful or even fatal ››

Forget the Stereotypes

Cats WinAs a veterinarian, Catster's Dr. Eric Barchas works with cats and dogs daily and gets frustrated with the stereotypes promoted in the media. Read his thoughts ››

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