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Dear Catster Member, May 25, 2010
How Cat Breeds Were Created How Cat Breeds Were Created

Though most dogs were originally bred for different jobs, it's rare to see a cat herding sheep, guarding a home or retrieving a quail. Today, it seems dogs are slowly being meshed into one super breed that excels at lying on the couch. Likewise, though some cats were originally bred for certain jobs, today breeding is most often about looks and personality.

Learn more about what cats were once bred for ››

Iams® Premium Protection™ for a Lifetime of Love

Iams®Iams is deeply committed to enhancing the well-being of cats for a lifetime of love with your pet. Learn more and request a coupon now!

Introducing the PawsOFF Protective Bed Cover

PawsOFF Protective Bed Cover Protect your bed from anything your cat can dish out: fur, dirt, germs, clawing, dust, odors and stains! Fits securely atop all your bed linens for maximum protection. Protect your bed today! ››

Antonio Banderas: Cat Guy?

Antonio Banderas: Cat Guy?Antonio Banderas has appeared in more than 60 movies in two languages, but when people approach him they usually want to talk about Puss in Boots, the character he voiced for Shrek. Read on to find out how he feels about that ››

Making Vet Visits Better for Cats

Making Vet Visits Less Miserable for CatsTaking your cat to the vet can be very unpleasant, and not just for the cat. Owners routinely cancel veterinary appointments when their cat bolts at the sight of the carrier. Here are a few vet visit tips »

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