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Dear Catster Member, May 11, 2010
Of Cats and Computerssee this cutie's page! Of Cats and Computers

It's no secret that cats love computers. They make the best fur-warmers, and they're pretty darn useful when it comes to socializing with one's online kitty friends. But electronic devices aren't always safe for cats, and felines aren't always good for your computer and other office equipment. Here are six steps you can take to ensure the longevity of both computer and cat.

Learn more ››

Vacation Time?

Vacation Time?Traveling, cat-sitting, or just looking for convenience? Try the pre-filled KatKitĀ® for the no-mess, disposable cat litter solution Get a coupon at or today.

Sweep It All.

Sweep It All. The new Swiffer SweeperVac cleans messes big and small in one powerful step. It gets cat food with its vacuum and pet hair with its dry cloth. Save $5 now! ››

Shed Some Fur for a Cause

Shed Some Fur for a Cause Next time you groom your cat, don't toss her excess fur away! Instead, donate it to an organization that is using fur and hair to mop up the Gulf oil spill. Learn more ››

The Right Cat Carrier

The Right Cat CarrierAlso known as cat taxis, carriers come in all shapes and sizes. They range in price and durability from collapsible cardboard to pricey high-end designer carriers. How will you find the right one? Read on »

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