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Dear Catster Member, January 19, 2010
Do House Cats Follow a Social Hierarchy? Do House Cats Follow a Social Hierarchy?

Until recently, cats were not thought to be a social species with the ability to form "stable relationships" as dogs do within their packs. For years, scientists considered lions to be the only true social cats with a hierarchical structure within their prides. Later, they discovered that Cheetahs and Bobcats had unique social structures, and more recently, that the domestic cat family has an established social hierarchy.

Learn about house cat hierarchy ››

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13 Reasons Cats are Better than Dogs

Dog vs. CatFelines everywhere are turning their noses up at a recent Associated Press poll, which stated that most people prefer dogs to cats.The Cat's Meow blog responds ››

Tabby Tapped for Jury Duty

Tabby Tapped for Jury DutySal Esposito has been summoned for jury duty. That's not usually a news item, but most folks who are called for jury duty are people. Sal Esposito is, well, a cat!

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