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Dear Catster Member, December 29, 2009
Why is My Cat So Active at Night? Why is My Cat So Active at Night?

Feline nocturnal activity is the bane of many a cat owner's existence. Just as you're slipping into deep REM sleep, a ten-pound tabby jumps on your chest, attacks your feet, or yowls insistently to be fed. Understanding your cat's behavior is the first step toward modifying it and getting a good night's sleep.

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What If Pets Ruled the Holiday Season?

Petcentric ContestDescribe the perfect holiday season from your pet's point of view, and you could win prizes valued over $4,000!
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Snuzzy Cats

Snuzzy CatsEver run out of cute and fuzzy cat photos or videos? We've got an endless supply!
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When Can Kittens Be Dewormed?

When Can Kittens Be Dewormed?How young is too young when it comes to deworming a cat? Dr. Barchas explores the subject on the Catster Vet Blog.Read more ››

New Year's Resolutions for Cats

New Year's Resolutions for Cats Contest Alert: Send in your pet's resolutions for the New Year to win $300 and a generous food donation to the animal shelter or rescue of your choice.
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