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Dear Catster Member, December 22, 2009
See the winners of the World's Coolest The Envelope, Please...

After much deliberation from our esteemed panel of judges, the 5th Annual World's Coolest Cat Show winners have been selected! Curious to see who took home the titles of Naughtiest Cat, Best Stretch and Yawn, Best Climber or the much-coveted Best in Show prize?

See the winners! ››

How to Choose a Nutritious Cat Treat

How to Choose a Nutritious Cat TreatLearn to decipher the hieroglyphics that reside on the labels on those fancy cat treat bags at the store.
View our guide to cat treats ››

13 Catsmas Gifts Under $13

13 Catsmas Gifts Under $13These presents for cat lovers cost less than $13 and are guaranteed not to end up as white elephant gifts.Who says 13 isn't a lucky number ››

CAT DEAL OF THE WEEK! Free Sample: Cat & Kitten Food
Get a free sample of California Natural chicken and brown rice cat and kitten food. Click here for more info.
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