July Mrow! This Issue: Catku-Haiku and Free Stickers!

July 12, 2006
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Dear Catster Member,

Terrific Tabbies!

Meow meow!

Hello again to all of you fly-swatting, sunbeam-napping, summer-loving kittie cats! Here's the July scoop on the latest and greatest in the Caster community.

We Loves Catster? Who Loves Catster? You do!
We just celebrated first anniversary of the launch of CatsterPlus, our super fun subscription service for Catster power users. When we first went live with Plus we had no idea how many kitties would purr... after only a year we have almost 3,200 Plus kitties! Here's a big paw-clapping cheer of thanks! For those who still wanna get in on the fun, VPI Pet insurance is giving a $250 gift basket to one lucky new Plus subscriber this month.

Terrific Tabbies!
Have you checked out the Catster Group Terrific Tabbies? They are 515 members strong and growing! Recently, the TT's even organized their own book club! Meeeeeeow!

So Many Tails of Devotion!
Last month we asked you "If you and your animals could communicate via paper, what would you say to each other?" The result has been an amazing outpurring of emotion from the Catster community. Check out what your fellow kitties and their humans have to say to each other.

The "Garfield and Catster Win the Royal Treatment" Sweepstakes Winners Announced
Congratulations to the families of Sima, Garp, Nora- CIA Director, Sassy, Socks, Stevie, Bazil, Opie, Johnny Von Frankenstein and Kojak Stuart who won the Garfield Royal Treatment Sweepstakes and will receive a Hagen Living World Cat Spa to pamper your very own fur-ball. HQ will drop you a line in the next few days with details. Look out for lots more fabulous contests/giveaways coming soon and don't forget to check out "Garfield :A Tail of Two Kitties" in theatres now.

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New! Catster Neighborhood

Catster Neighborhood is where pet-friendly companies and service providers can promote their businesses in their locality. Vets, stores, groomers, walkers, sitters, behavioralists, kennels, photographers, painters, you name it! With Catster Neighborhood you can share your message in our newsletter with just the Catsters in your area. Learn more about our new neighborhood program!

>>Want to contact pet-lovers in your area?
Share your message with just the Catsters near you. Cost-effective and Catster approved!

Got Haiku?

Virtual cat nip,
Purring love and feline friends,
Nothing else like it

Catster is looking for some expert Catku - errrr Haiku - writers to write some Haikus about Catster! For those who need a refresher, a haiku is 3 line poem with a 5-7-5 phonetic syllable pattern. We'll place the favorites on a special Catster Haiku page next month with links back to your pups. Enter yours now!

Still Giving Away Free Stickers!
Want to strut your Catster pride with a Catster sticker? In appreciation to our members - the best cat community in the whole world - we are giving away free Catster stickers! Send a SASE to: Dogster Inc., Attn: Catster Stickers, 555 De Haro Street #350, San Francisco, CA 94107 and we'll meow one right back to you! We won't stop until everyone has one :)

From the Catster Community!
We wanted to share this amazing sentiment that we received from one of our users in response to last month's newsletter.

I have been really enjoying Catster lately. When I put my cat on Catster almost two years ago, I had no idea how involved I would get in other cats (and their humans') lives! I just loved looking at other cats, then using my writing ability for my cat's diary. I decided I wanted CatsterPlus, and before then, I thought that only CatsterPlus members were allowed on the forums. Boy was I wrong! Anyway, when I started Plus in late December, I went on the forums right away. I have met some wonderful kitties and kitty owners, and I have my favorite places to go and kitties to meow with. When one kitty (and young human owner) recently lost one of their beloved cats I loved being there to help comfort her, and was up very late (on a weeknight, too!) doing so, but it didn't matter. I will never forget it. I feel like I have more friends on Catster than I do in my own real life! My cat is even married!! Catster is the best and has improved so much since it started. I can't wait to see what is to come!!

We love hearing how Catster has affected you, our furtastic community, and your animals - keep the stories pouring in to Randi [at] Dogster [dot] com

May all animals be happy and safe,
Ted, John, Steven & Catster HQ
Catster, here kitty, kitty!

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