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Dear Catster Member, August 4, 2009
Cat Bathing 101 Cat Bathing 101

While some cats will rarely, if ever, require a bath, others, including long-haired, elderly, ill, or disabled felines, may need help in maintaining themselves. It can be a daunting task, especially if bathing wasn't introduced as a kitten. That said, the experience can still be an enjoyable one. Our two-part series on bathing your cat contains the tips you need to have Fluffy sittin' pretty once again!

Great bathing tips start here! ››

Helpful Cat Litter Tips From Ever Clean® Litter

Everclean Ever Clean® Litter has many useful tips for cat owners; including tips on how to train your cat to use the litter box, the location of your litter box and tips on grooming your cat.
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Cute & Clean!

BorschtCatster member Borscht submitted a video of some little foster friends of his getting bathed for the first time, and they sure are CUTE! Snuzzy recently stumbled upon this gem and wants to share it with you!
Watch wet meet cute now! ››

Together Tag: Peace of Mind for Pet Lovers
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