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Dear Catster Member, April 27, 2009
Tell Snuzzy About Your First Cat Tell Snuzzy About Your First Cat

Every cat person remembers the first one. He or she may not have been fluffier or smarter than the cats that followed, but there sure was something special about that numero uno. Snuzzy wants to know all about your furry first feline - how you got her, why you named her "Spot," where she came from, what she meant to you - anything and everything!

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Why is Fresh Step® litter the place to go?

Fresh StepFresh Step® litter contains carbon, which actually works to eliminate box odors. Other litters may use scent to mask bad smells, but that only makes them worse!
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An ID Tag Worth Meowing About

An ID Tag Worth Meowing AboutWe're delighted to hear back from Together Tag customers and wanted to take this oppurrtunity to share some of the feedback that we've received so far.
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Together Tag
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