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Dear Catster Member, April 1, 2009
Cat + Dog = New Hybrid Pet! Cat + Dog = New Hybrid Pet!

Hybrid cats are simply all the rage these days. It doesn't take much work at all to track down a lovely hybrid cat that combines exotic looks with the temperament of a lap cat. But what if you want a cat with a bolder bark? Heck, how about a cat with an actual bark? Thanks to new cross-species breeding techniques, the answer is here: the PuppyCat. Whether you're looking for a Siamoodle or a Maine Coonhound, your ideal cat-dog mix is now just a few clicks away.

See these amazing new PuppyCats now ››

School Kids Driven by Cat

School Kids Driven by CatMurray, a six-year-old Rochester cat, recently fulfilled a lifelong dream by becoming the first feline in the state of New York to work as a school bus driver.
Watch a video of Murray behind the wheel ››

Science Proves Dogs Are Smarter Than Cats

Science Proves Dogs Are Smarter Than CatsOver one million cats and dogs were given IQ tests at a Frankfurt laboratory in March, the results of which showed that dogs really are smarter than cats.
Review the test results now ››

Cats on Ice!

Cats on Ice!NBC announced today that it will begin taping a new reality TV show that will feature ice-skating cats that live together and compete against one another.
See the pilot episode of "Meow Meow Salchow" ››

Cat and Octopus Tie the Knots

Cat and Octopus Tie the KnotsIn a private civil ceremony, two unlikely lovers exchanged vows this past weekend, becoming the first twelve-limbed married couple to descend the steps of City Hall.
Find out how the lovebirds met ››

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