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Dear Catster Member, December 29, 2008
What Are Your Kitty Resolutions?

What Are Your Kitty Resolutions?
Catster newsflash: New Year's resolutions are not just for humans anymore! That's right! Now you can make 'em and break 'em just like those biped friends of yours do. Think it's time to stop eating plants? Want to start using a softer hiss? What's your New Year's resolution going to be?

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resolutions are and add your own ››

2008: The Year of the Catster

Meowvelous New Holiday GiftsIt's a wrap! 2008 was quite a year for Our drive to bring you more entertaining, informative and useful content meant everything from new blogs to new games, and lots in between.

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A Happy Healthy New Year

Morris Animal FoundationOur partnership with the Morris Animal Foundation is off to a great start and we look forward to continuing to help them spread the word about feline health research through the Happy Healthy Cat Campaign in 2009.

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