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Dear Catster Member, January 7, 2009
A Recession is No Pawty

A Recession is No Pawty
Even though our recent Catster Poll showed that most cat owners are hopeful and pawsitive about 2009, the catastrophic truth is that right now we're in the midst of an economic crisis. Sadly, when unemployment rises, our four-legged friends also feel the crunch, all the way from less potent catnip to overcrowded shelters and rescue centers.

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Pet Insurance and Health Care Blog

Pet Insurance and Health Care BlogCurious about pet insurance? Not sure if it's right for you? Had an experience that needs to be shared? We've teamed up with Trupanion to create a forum for your pet insurance questions and comments.

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Let the '09 Games Begin!

Cat games from Cat Owner's ManualDid your cat promise you that getting in shape was this year's #1 resolution? All righty then, let's get cracking! Our Cat Manual has games, toys and amusements to keep your cat moving.

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