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You Can Lead a Cat to Water … and Wait, He’ll Swim?

On Anderson Cooper, animal lover Mary Ellen demonstrates how she did the seemingly impossible and taught her cat Nymbus how to swim with confidence.

Liz Acosta  |  May 3rd 2012

Teaching a cat to swim might seem like an impossible and crazy task, but when you consider that pets drowning in pools is a real issue, it suddenly seems worth the effort!

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Nearly all animals are born knowing how to swim, but animal columnist Mary Ellen wanted to go one step further. With a pool in her own backyard, she didn’t want her kitty, Nymbus, to end up a statistic.

So she taught him how to swim with confidence.

Invited to appear on Anderson Cooper’s TV show, Ellen explained, “Most cats can swim, but what we wanted him to have was the confidence on how to get out. It was a real teaching thing.”

We think most cats would panic and hiss and scratch at just the sight of water, but Nymbus slips right in as if it were no thing at all!

Via Anderson Cooper