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Vote for Your Favorite Outfit -- Curated by a Cat

Okay, so it turns out that asking your cat to dress you is kind of difficult, but we've got some finalists for our Feline Fashion Contest anyway!

 |  Nov 14th 2013  |   0 Contributions

Congratulations to Shannon and her cat, Clorox! They've won our Feline Fashion Contest! Entries are now close -- thanks for participating and make sure to check back for more fun contests!

Sooo it turns out that not everyone's cat is as cooperative as Angie Bailey's Cosmo, who kindly took a moment out of his busy schedule of sleeping, eating, pooping -- rinse, repeat to put an outfit together at her request. I'll bet he was rolling his eyes and sighing with exasperation the whole time.

Anyway, the point is that while many of you tried, your cats just didn't seem to want to help you get dressed. Which makes sense since cats don't care if you're naked, they only care that you have as many fingers as it takes to open a can of cat food!

Regardless there are still a couple fashionable felines out there as I managed to get three entries for our Feline Fashion Contest. I guess that's pretty impressive considering that we're talking about cats here. Cats! What on earth was I thinking when I conceived the concept!

Okay, how cute is this photo from Shannon Wilshire? This kitty is named Clorox -- no wonder kitty's got a taste for clothing!

Lisbeth Krause made this awesome collage. Her outfit was a group effort by kitties Monsoon, Rob, and Suki.

Valerie Manseau' Arthur liked this top so much he fell asleep on it. Uh, what about pants, Arthur?!

But the entries I did get are pretty impressive! Hey! Who knew that the cats who are interested in fashion are actually pretty good at it? Not like your friend who thinks she's a fashionista but just buys outfits straight from the Urban Outfitters catalog (okay, I'm guilty).

So here's how this works. Check out the finalists below and vote by clicking on the little green checkmark icon under the photo. If you don't see the photos, click here instead to vote. Whoever has the most votes by Wednesday November 27th wins! Good luck!

Photo: Young Cat in laundy basket by Shutterstock

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