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What's In and Out for Trendy Cats This Season

What are feline trendsetters declaring hot or not for the fall? Find out here.

 |  Sep 11th 2012  |   0 Contributions

Weight Management Dietary Cat Treats are out, out, out for the fall season, according to top trendy cats from, what the heck, all points on the globe. But slow-moving mice and injured birds? GIMMIE, say feline trendsetters. Here's what's trending up and trending down in the cat world, according to cats. 

IN: Grilled, boneless chicken hand-served by your human straight from the fridge at 3 a.m.

OUT: Automatic cat feeders that pop open at 8 a.m.

OK, I got the chicken, you got the ... that steak looks pretty nice. Pets looking for food by

IN: Warm, clean towels from the dryer.

OUT: Being kicked off warm, clean towels from the dryer.

Warm towels are trending up, for the 93rd year in a row. Cat on towels by

IN: Brooms and whisper-quiet dusters.

OUT:  Vacuums or any sort of handheld power vac.

No! Don't turn it on! Throw it in the toilet! Begone, power vac! Cordless handheld vacuum by

IN: The back gate always being left slightly open.

OUT: Being shoved in a crate and going to the vet for shots!

Not cool, man. Cat in cage by

IN: Curling up on a couch.

OUT: Curling up on a chair.

This is SO much better than a chair. What were we thinking? Cat on couch by

IN: Friskies Party Mix Wild West Crunch Cat Treats.

OUT: Weight Management Dietary Cat Treats with Glucosamine.

Is it time to get down? I think it's time to get down.

IN: Incessant meowing until a nice wet breakfast is served.

OUT: A sad bowl of dry kibble going stale throughout the day.

Oh, I'm sorry, is my nonstop meowing BOTHERING you? British kitten by

IN: Patches of sunlight.

OUT: Patches of sunlight that move.

Can the sun NOT traverse across the sky, please? I can move only so much in one day. Tabby playing in sunlight by

IN: Slow-moving mice; deaf birds.

OUT: Dogs!

Dogs are "out" again among cats this year. Good luck next year, dogs! Sheepdog and cat angry by

IN: Boxes from the mailman left scattered throughout house.

OUT: Boxes broken down and stacked neatly in recycling bin by godforsaken human.

Step away from the box, human. This one stays. Cat in box by

IN: Cosmic Catnip's Fast Growing Catnip

OUT: Banana catnip toy left under the dresser for six months.

Can I live here? Cat plunging head in catnip by


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