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The San Francisco SPCA Spoofs Portlandia with Catlandia

In this purrfect parody, the SF SPCA spoofs Portlandia while raising awareness about its feral cat trap-and-release program.

Catster HQ  |  May 31st 2012

Okay, the San Francisco SPCA wins today!

They’ve managed to combine everything we love into one hilarious PSA: the charming humor of Portlandia, the endearing nuances and neurosis of San Francisco, and feral cat awareness. If you close your eyes and hit play on Catlandia, you might actually believe you’re listening to Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein exchanging some inane banter. It’s a darn good parody. An homage, even.

The best aspect of the video is that it brings attention to a very real and very serious problem: controlling urban feral populations. The San Francisco SPCA works with volunteers to help spay and neuter and vaccinate the city’s community cats with its trap-and-release program. It’s the most humane way to deal with community cat colonies, and we’re certainly grateful for the SF SPCA’s efforts.

In addition to trapping cats, we think this video also catches the heart and soul of San Francisco, poking gentle fun at a city known for its social awareness and $4 cups of coffee. Of course trapping and releasing feral cats would be the new cool thing to do!

Via Laughing Squid