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Star Wars Cat Condo: The Force Is Strong with This One

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away ... a Reddit user struck out on a noble mission to create the geekiest cat condo ever.

 |  May 1st 2012  |   16 Contributions

Reddit user BillyAppletini wins the award for Best Human and Cat Friend. What endeavored to be just an amusing joke has turned into a phenomenon.

It even has a clock? Man, this guy thought of everything!

Fulfilling every geeky cat owner's dream, Billy spent about a month designing, planning, and constructing a "CAT-AT" modeled after the four-legged imperial weapons featured in The Empire Strikes Back. All for his friend, who's a lover of cats and Star Wars.

This is what a month long Imperial loft occupation would look like.

But the awesomeness doesn't stop there. The interior of the CAT-AT features a decadent kitty lounge, complete with disco ball, artwork, and a fully stocked (fake!) bar.

Bird head trophies -- natch!

Top shelf booze for entertaining other kitties.

It's purrr-fect!

Billy says he was planning on making it look as though his friend's cats had ordered the CAT-AT on Amazon, but after wrecking his apartment to build the thing, he simply wanted to deliver the cat condo. His friend was thrilled to receive the amazing gift!

May the Furce be with you!

Via Reddit



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