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8 St. Patrick's Day Limericks as Written by Cats

Q: How do cats celebrate St. Patrick's Day? A: With really bad poetry!

 |  Mar 17th 2015  |   15 Contributions

Most humans celebrate St. Patrick's Day by wearing green and drinking artificially colored beverages. How do cats celebrate St. Patty's? They write limericks, of course. Cats are known haiku masters, but their passion for poetry doesn't stop there.

You might not know this, but cats are great at rhyming. They'd never let on and only allow us to hear them speak simple meows; however, their kitty cadence is nothing short of masterful. In honor of St. Patrick's Day, a few well-versed felines share their original limericks with us. 

"Sláinte!" Cat and Beer by Shutterstock

There once was a tabby named Neal,

Who missed not one single meal;

And nobody knew,

He ate Stripey's food too,

That's why he was such a big deal. 

"Erin go bragh? Erin go away." Cat and Green Bow by Flickr Creative Commons

A cat always found himself waking,

To bright flashes and photograph-taking;

And so he would choose,

To feign a deep snooze,

But everyone knew he was faking. 

"Where's the party?" Kitten in Green Hat by Shutterstock

Oreo found himself bitter,

With cats who kicked out all the litter;

Fluff couldn't care less,

And kept making a mess,

'Cause no one could call him a quitter.

"Feelin' lucky in my shamrock scarf!" Cat in Shamrock Scarf by Flickr Creative Commons

Felix was quite a tough guy,

But car-riding made that cat cry;

And his people would say,

It would all be okay,

But he meowed like he thought he would die.

"I'm here. The party can begin." Cat With Green Hat and Bow Tie by Shutterstock

 There once was a tomcat named Lou,

Who wore a cotton beret that was blue;

He was quite a known brat,

And he hated that hat,

So he vomited in his mom's shoe.

"Where's the green niptinis?" Cat in Green Hat Sitting on Chair by Shutterstock

A new box appeared on the floor,

Both cats thought for sure they would score;

Then they saw the bad news,

For inside there were shoes,

That were being returned to the store

"Do you have a smaller hat, perhaps?" Orange Kitten With Hat by Shutterstock

Muffin found places to hide,

But they always saw his back side;

He thought he was crafty,

Though his bottom felt drafty,

But still every time Muffin tried. 

"Party!" Yawning Cat in Hat and Bow Tie by Shutterstock

Skip thought it was always a chore,

To decide on one side of the door;

So betwixt he stood frozen,

The door was not closin',

So his mom picked him up off the floor. 

"This IS my party face." Orange Cat With Small Hat by Shutterstock

Does your cat write limericks? Share a verse or two in the comments! 

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