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5 Photos of Cats Trying to Be Sneaky (With Varying Results)

Oh, hey! Were you trying to sneak up on us? Because, you know, we can see you.

 |  Jul 24th 2012  |   4 Contributions

We love our cats -- how could we not? They're cute, they're sweet, they're always there for us when we need them ... and with their wily antics, they like to keep us on our toes. Sometimes they like to imagine they are still the fierce tigers and jaguars to which they are related, stealthily slinking through the jungle, stalking unsuspecting prey. And while, yes, there's no question that cats are skilled and efficient hunters, sometimes their tactics are ... well, sometimes they are a little obvious, as these five cats demonstrate.

Look at this photo. Looks like three bright, beautiful sunflowers, right? Sort of recalls Van Gogh, right? A gift from one lover to another? Oh, but wait, look more closely -- what's that? Look again. Yup, it's a cat.

Photo by catch22milo.

Uh, yeah, kitty, when your pupils get big like that, we know exactly what you're thinking. And we're thinking, "Run!"

Photo by Red_Sonja.

Not allowed into the bedroom, this cat attempts a Mission: Impossible -- except that it's impossible not to miss him. Try again, cat.

Nope, you're totally visible. Photo by balaster.

This cat thought he'd use the scanner to make a copy-cat of himself, which he could then use as a decoy to distract the humans while he climbed up the curtains. It might have worked if he was just a butt, and not a whole cat.

Photo by stopshort.

And last but not least, this cat is not trying to hide. Climbing up on the door and perched on a coat rack, he doesn't care if you see the contempt in his eyes. If looks could kill, we'd be goners!

Photo by mollyjoon.



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