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Vid We Love: Piggy the Cat’s Fantastic Fridge Descent

Piggy finds an interesting way to get off the refrigerator -- and get some spring cleaning done at the same time!

Liz Acosta  |  Jun 5th 2012

Did you miss your spring cleaning this year? That’s okay, it’s better late than never.

But while it’s pretty easy to scrub countertops, vacuum the carpet, sweep the bathroom, and clean the toilet, there’s always those annoying hard-to-reach places with years of dirt stuck in them. Like that space between the wall and the refrigerator. It’s a good job there’s Piggy — the Swiffer Cat!

Swiffer Cat deftly crawls down the side of your refrigerator, collecting years of dust and debris in her thick coat. Dirt and grime don’t stand a chance against Piggy the Swiffer Cat. Crafted from nature’s finest materials, Piggy’s fur attracts filth like a magnet, leaving cracks and crevices sparkling clean.

Do cats have some sort of natural ability to defy gravity? Piggy goes down the side of the fridge head-first like gravity ain’t no thang to her. Apparently she is well-practiced at it, as her human says she does her fridge climb at least once a day. Even though Piggy is 7 years old, she still possesses the energy and agility of a kitten, as evidenced by her ability to slip down against the wall with ease.

Via Gizmodo