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Photos We Love: Cats Imitating Art ... Or Is It Art Imitating Cats?

Check out this curated set of cats channeling classical works of art.

 |  Apr 16th 2012  |   5 Contributions

Here's something we think even Henri the cat might appreciate!

Alfred Stevens, "The Bath," 1867

Check out this high-meow series of kitties imitating art ... or is it art imitating kitties?

Salvador Dali, "Woman at the Window," 1925

You may no longer have to head to Paris to check out historical works of art - said art might already be curled up in your basket of freshly clean, dried, and pressed laundry, adding his own brush strokes of fur. It's like a canvas for his vision.

Ford Madox Brown, "Romeo and Juliet," 1870

So give your kitty an extra scratch on the chin and a bit of tuna today because your fine feline may be a fine artist. And just like these revered works of art, we know your kitty is priceless.

Guido Reni, "Repentance of St. Peter," 1635

You can find more curated cats over at 9gag.com.


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