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iPad Games for Cats: It’s a Thing

How do you think cutting-edge cats unwind after a long day of sleeping? That's right: cat gaming.

Liz Acosta  |  Jul 2nd 2012

Remember Karl Lagerfeld’s pampered puss, Choupette? We bet that a life of luxury has its downs as well as its ups. Sure she gets to eat the finest, freshest fish at her very own place at the table, but we imagine even this precious kitten isn’t immune to the dangers of Cat Boredom, an epidemic sweeping felines all across the nation. Cat Boredom strikes cats of every age, every breed, and every status.

Fortunately for Choupette, she has her very own iPad (as do many other cats, as you’ll soon see), which means she can cure her boredom with You Vs. Cat, an iPad game that pits your reflexes against your cat’s. And from the current score, it looks like cats are ahead, proving that, once again, cats are actually the ones in charge of the world.

If you need more proof, look no further than the multitude of iPad games developed specifically for cats. Yes, that’s right: Human app developers have sat down to figure out how to best entertain our felines.

It looks like kitty world domination is complete. We bow to our cat masters … may their food dishes never be empty and their drinking glasses (yeah, how many times have you found yourself putting out a drinking glass for your cat?) always be filled to the brim!

Want to download a couple of these games? Of course you do! They’re available here — enjoy!