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And Now, 9 Cats With an Alcohol Problem

St. Patrick's Day may not be till Sunday, but these cats aren't waiting for Sunday.

 |  Mar 12th 2013  |   3 Contributions

Cats and beer go together like ... nothing. Don't ever give your cats beer. If your cat wants a sip of your beer, stop her. Sit her down. Tell her about Skid Row and how cold it is. Tell her about the garbage cans, the 50-pound strays, the dearth of down pillows. 

But if your cat happens to wander up to a beer bottle and nuzzle it like a drunk singing "Danny Boy" to a lamp on the sidewalk, you're permitted to take a picture and post it to Flickr, like these people did. 

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, we present cats and beer. 

Drunk cat 2 by Mike Burns

EASY, TIGER. This is cats and beer, not cats and hard liquor. Stop trying to impress the ladies. 

Jesus, what does it take to get a beer around here? 

My drunk cat by OceanCreep

Looks like someone just finished "Danny Boy." 

This is a good start, but we're gonna need more beer. 

Cat & Beer by maxually

Portrait of a cat living the high life.

001 by Traveling Mermaid

Portrait of a cat defending the high life.

Untitled by donayer

Do you ever get the feeling that your cat is imitating you?

Chifa protecting her beer by hollin.elizabeth

Oh, you want a another beer? Go ahead, reach in.

Our cat, taking it easy by

Take your eyes off my tiny beer.


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