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Henri Is Back … And He’s Going to the Vet

The existentialist French cat makes a trip to the doctor for a check-up -- oh, the agony!

Liz Acosta  |  Jun 22nd 2012

Oh, our poor, sweet, brooding, angsty (and adorable) Henri!

Achieving Internet stardom means nothing to Henri, who still lives a life of luxurious lamentation.

In this installment, Henri languishes in his imprisonment, musing on his Internet celebri-kitty, criticisms of his French, and the dreary drag of his unremarkable days. It’s then out of the doldrums and into the swamp when he is stuffed into a carrier and carted off to the vet, where he can trust no one and finds the indignity of his predicament too much to bear. Though he attempts an act of quiet protest and informs his doctor of his depression, the vet is interested only in cleaning Henri’s ears. Then back home Henri goes, returning to the mundaneness of his malaise.

At home Henri must contend with another cat he calls the “white imbecile,” whom he suspects of conspiring with his captors against him. “Traitor,” he hisses in disdain.

Then, just as Henri is about to pronounce control of his own destiny, he is taken up and carried away by one of his humans, reminded that, once again, he is merely a cat, and “subject to the whims of his captors.”

Maybe next time, Henri. For now, we’ll just continue to follow you on Facebook.