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“Hard Truths from Soft Cats” Tumblr Will Ease Your Angst

Sometimes the cold, hard facts of life are better delivered by cute little puffballs.

Liz Acosta  |  Nov 21st 2012

It’s a hard-knock life, cats and kittens.

Growing up really just means realizing that the world can be mean, cruel, and unfair, and a loss of innocence really is just a loss of hope. The agony of existence is a burden!

And how the cat pities us and our human ability to think ourselves into a corner of despair! “Lighten up,” says the cat. “Take a nap — take ten of them — and call me in the morning.”

You can’t always get what you want — but sometimes you get what you need.

Like this Tumblr of kitties who pointedly deliver the hard, cold facts of life, but with adorable illustrated smiles.

Like, for instance, this cat, who reminds us that the universe is much bigger than we are, and that our lives are just tiny blips on an infinite intergalactic radar.

But awww, isn’t that cat so cute? We may be insignificant, but hey — without us, the cat won’t get fed!

Feeling anxious about the meaning of life? Then visit Hard Truths from Soft Cats. You won’t find the meaning of life there, but you’ll definitely find a smile as you’re distracted from your angst by a cutely drawn kitten, who reminds you in that casual, offhand way that the world is just as terrible as you think it is.

Via Cat 5, images from Hard Truths from Soft Cats