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And Now, Even More Haiku Poems Written By Cats

It may look like your cat is staring out into space -- but she's secretly composing a haiku! Here are 10 more works penned by kitties.

Angie Bailey  |  Apr 17th 2013

A few months ago we introduced you to some creative cats with some mad haiku-writing talent. Word on the street is there’s even a feline haiku poetry slam in the works. We believe that these cats are loafed-up, zoned-out, staring into space, but what’s going on behind those blank eyes is nothing short of genius. Now more cats have come forward with poetic musings, and we premiere them for you right here.

Please enjoy 10 more haiku poems written by cats:

Do not insult me
By assuming I cannot
Squeeze inside that box
Be not alarmed for
It is I swatting stuff from
Atop your dresser
Whilst in a slumber
I tumbled off the chair’s arm
Surely you won’t miss
The turkey sandwich I’ve dragged
Into the hallway
Treasures abound in
Your full office wastebasket
Used tissues and tape
Comical humans
Setting alarms when they know
We will wake them up
Staring at the door
A futile task so I must
Pound incessantly
Vanished, a cruel trick
Batted under the sofa
My catnip cigar
I was engaged by
The bowl on the counter but
Then smelled the onions
Carefree purrs shroud my
Disappointment that you bought
The wrong treats again

What would your cat’s haiku look like? Give us a sample or two in the comments! Remember to use only 17 syllables — five for the first line, seven for the second, and five for the third.

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