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Cat Turns “Gangnam Style” Into “GangNom-Nom Style”

This is how it was meant to be purrformed.

Liz Acosta  |  Oct 24th 2012

It’s the phenomenon that’s taken the Internet by storm. The quirky little single, “Gangnam Style,” from South Korean rapper Psy erupted into a huge sensation upon discovery of its meme potential, spawning a seemingly endless stream of parodies, recreations, and homages. It may have reached its high-water mark when Psy made a guest appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show and the rapper showed Britney Spears how to bust a Gangnam move. Well, it may have.

Leave it to a cat video to up the stakes.

This is Cruiser the cat, who takes a lo-fi hipster approach to “Gangnam Style,” re-appropriating the song for the cat set by renaming it “GangNom-Nom Style.”

In the video, Cruiser attempts to recreate the “Gangnam Style” video to the best of his apathetic cat abilities by chasing feathers, swishing his tail, swatting at string, walking through an aisle of toy horses, and seducing a “sexy” lady cat. Does Cruiser succeed? We won’t say how accurately the video reflects the original — we’ll leave that to you.

Included for your entertainment are some Cruiser outtakes — which yes, contain a shot of Cruiser draped across the shoulders of a human he is apparently very fond of.

Photo: Funny muzzle of gray British cat in sunglasses closeup by Shutterstock