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Videos We Love: Cats vs. Inanimate Objects

In the fight between cat and ice maker, only one will emerge unscathed. (Hint: It's the ice maker.)

Phillip Mlynar  |  Aug 27th 2014

If you have spent any time on the Internet during the last month, you will have likely laughed at a video doing the rounds that shows a furious kitten attacking a statue of a cat.

If you’ve not yet seen it, LOL at this cat now:

That kitten isn’t the only feline to learn the hard way that most times you’re never going to win a battle of wills or physicality against an inanimate object. Here are six of the most telling cases culled from Instagram.

Cat versus chair leg! IKEA craftsmanship is a fitting match for this determined kitty’s chompers.

Cat versus tape! A sneaky attack, here this impish tyke is learning that sometimes you cannot beat the science of stickiness.

Cat versus clothes hanger! In fairness, it would appear that some human had left a hanger needlessly on the floor, cluttering up an apartment and creating unnecessary mess. I support this responsible cat’s efforts to keep a clean and tidy abode. Nothing more to see here.

Cat versus gnome! The Instagram caption says, “Taken just before she started trying to push it over!” What it doesn’t show is the freaky gnome turning to life once the sun has set. The cat has reason to be very afraid.

Cat versus ice maker! Consider this one a lesson in a zen staring contest. With only one frosty winner.

Cats versus vacuum! A showdown with every cat’s ultimate foe can require a full-on double-teamed feline army to investigate. The victor remains the same, however.

Now enjoy this bonus gratuitous Instagram pic (that would also make a fine T-shirt).

Does your cat enjoy attacking a favorite inanimate object? Name and shame the foolhardy felines in the comments below!

Laugh with us:

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