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6 Cats Who Are Total Jerks

Cats can be real jerks, and they don't care who they're being jerks to -- these videos prove it.

Liz Acosta  |  Jan 15th 2014

Cats are indiscriminate jerks.

That’s the running joke, right?

Cats wake you up at the butt crack of dawn to fill their dishes, and you — you poor fool — you begrudgingly rise from the warmth of your bed. You strumble through the darkness, nearly tripping on the kitty who weaves about your ankles, meowing desperately at you. That’s when you step on something cold and damp with your bare foot. You cringe. It’s either a hairball — or worse — a dead rodent. You wonder how you arrived at this point — this point where you’d rather step in a wet pile of fur and vomit than a wet pile of half eviscerated mouse guts. Upon coming to the cat’s food dish you find that it’s not at all empty, just a doughnut of kibble, but in the cat’s mind, that’s basically starvation.

But you’re not the only one the cat enjoys being a jerk to.

1. Cats are jerks to dogs

Though, to be honest, they were asking for it — right?

2. Cats are jerks to couches

It’s that they have a delicate sense of interior decorating, and honey, that upholstery is so ’80s.

3. Cats are jerks to your outdated technology

Who really uses CD-ROMs anymore?

4. Allow me to reiterate: Cats are jerks to you

Especially when they behave like wanton elevator butt addicts. (This video looks weird cause it’s sped up.)

5. Cats are jerks to their elders

And they won’t hesitate to kick them when they’re down.

6. Cats are jerks to each other

Especially when it comes to food.

If it were anybody else, we wouldn’t put up with this kind of treatment ÔǪ but then cats do stuff like this, and all is forgiven.

Top photo by Mauro

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