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Photos of 10 Cats Who Are Staring at … Something

These cats all have a fixed gaze, but we can't tell just what exactly they're looking at. Any ideas?

 |  Aug 14th 2013  |   1 Contribution

This is my friend's cat Chilli. Throughout the duration of my visit to my friend's place, Chilli sat in her cat bed with one paw languidly extended … staring. At first I was like, "Maybe there is something on the wall?" But then I realized that Chilli was staring at ... nothing. Or Chilli was looking into another dimension through a portal visible only to cats.

I don't know. Look at her picture. What is she staring at?

What is it, Chilli?

Let's play a game. I'm going to try to guess what these 10 cats are staring at and you're going to tell me if I'm right or wrong.

Your optional soundtrack is No Doubt's "Staring Problem." (Isn't Gwen Stefani's pink hair adorable? She was the inspiration for dyeing my hair.)

1. The spot on your carpet where she once threw up a massive hairball that you promptly disposed of

Photo via Flickr

Memories ... 

2. An army of zombies who are only interested in feasting on human flesh

Photo via Flickr

She'd alert you, but since the zombies only want to eat humans, she just doesn't have any urgency about it.

3. The dog outside

Photo via Flickr

And thinking, "Hahahah! Dumb dog!"

4. The demon in the corner of the room that's about to haunt the human in this photo

Photo via Flickr

Better call the exorcist.

5. You

Photo via Flickr

"Don't you ever knock?"

6. The reflective surface across from her

Photo via Flickr

There's something familiar about that cat, but she can't quite put her paw on it ...

7. An approaching dog

Photo via Flickr

The book on the table serves as a warning.

8. You don't want to know ...

Photo via Flickr

It's better that you can't see what this cat is staring at ...

9. Dinner

Photo via Flickr

"Why is it still moving?"

10. Dinner

Photo via Flickr

"How do I get it inside the house?"

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