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Watch a Forbidden Love Affair Between a Cat and a Raccoon

Romeo is a skateboarding cat, and Betty is a ... well, she's a wild animal. See the videos.

Liz Acosta  |  May 17th 2013

I’ve been having so much fun on Vine lately — who knew you could dig six-second video clips so much? Because Vine is still such a small community, it’s really easy to discover and connect with other cat lovers. Which is exactly how I discovered Weekly Whiskers and its funny cat videos.

But it wasn’t a cat that piqued my interest, it was a raccoon.

Weekly Whiskers is mostly about a cat. A cat named Romeo, in fact. Romeo is a clicker-trained (and toilet-trained!) Bengal who lives in Seattle with his human friend and two other cats named Kieran and Alex. He also occasionally hangs out with a gang of neighborhood raccoons.

Her name is Betty. Look how she dances for Romeo. Why wouldn’t she love him? Romeo looks so cool riding his skateboard.

We don’t recommend feeding and petting wild raccoons, but their little hands are sort of really adorable. And if you were a cat, out of all the different kinds of species you could befriend, raccoons are probably the most ideal because of those little hands. They’re perfect for scratching — but only exactly two scratches (as you very well know).

Alas, all of Romeo’s cleverness cannot change the fact that he is a cat and his raccoon lover is an entirely different species, therefore rendering their affections incompatible. It’s like they can only see each other through a window, separated by a pane of glass — one wild, one domesticated. Wait, it’s not like that, it’s exactly that.

Love sure hurts sometimes. (But oh, those little hands are so adorable!)

What will become of the love affair between Romeo the cat and Betty the raccoon? Follow Romeo’s Facebook page — Weekly Whiskers — to find out!

Photo: A cat watching a raccoon steal food by Shutterstock