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12 Ways Every Day Is Earth Day for Cats

Happy Earth Day! Did you know your cat is super tight with Mother Gaia? It's (a little bit) true!

Michael Leaverton  |  Apr 22nd 2014

Today is Earth Day, and our little feline environmentalists are doing their part by sleeping in and conserving energy. Here are 12 more ways that every day is Earth Day for cats.

1. They don’t use technology

I don’t even think my cat has a cell phone.

2. They recycle your clothes

Long before you even want them to be recycled!

3. They like world music

Not really sure about this, but how could they not? Everybody likes world music. (What’s world music, again?)

4. They eat the whole animal

Or maybe they just eat part of the animal — to be perfectly honest, we don’t look too closely at what’s left of the animal.

5. They conserve resources by sleeping all day

Imagine what they would do without all that sleep. Build weapons, probably.

6. They take advantage of no-cost heating solutions

Sunbeams, your lap — and your face, if it comes to that.

7. They use all-natural cleaners

Just organic saliva, an abrasive tongue-brush, and all the time in the world. Your mom would approve of these cats.

8. They love wind energy

Cats stand firmly with wind turbines, which have no appreciable negatives except for the deaths of millions of birds. Oh.

9. They hate plastic

Whoops, sorry, they love plastic. This one should be in our “10 Ways Cats Hate the Environment” story.

10. They appreciate Mother Gaia

Appreciating Gaia is a deep-seated, Lion King-type feeling among cats. Just look at the way they stare at rocks and dirt.

11. They are in tune with their ancestors

Their ancestors attacked ankles, too. Also the rest of the body.

12. They love catnip

Don’t get all heavy with the insinuations, bro. It’s just a plant.

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