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Delicious, Delicious Sanrio: 10 Ways To Devour Hello Kitty

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 |  Mar 23rd 2012  |   6 Contributions

Because I live with my boyfriend, I make a point not to purchase every single Hello Kitty-themed object I covet.  As much as I'd lovveee a HK coffee maker or duvet cover, I realize that it is a) not fair to him and b) not fair to our love life (no, really y'all, there is nothing sexy about a Hello Kitty bed set). Are you a grown woman who loves Hello Kitty?? You can still get your fix with these edible options! 

1) In a Cup Noodle: 

What are you having for lunch today? Oh, nothing. JUST A BUNCH OF LITTLE HELLO KITTY FACES AHHHHH! Inappropriate to have a case of these shipped to the office? I think not.  

2) As an apple turnover: 

So obviously the blog I found this on makes it seem super easy to make these little pie pockets. I'm not going to get into what mine would look like if I tried to do this, but if you're a baker, give it a go. 

3) On a piece of toast:

This is more in line with my culinary skills, although I'm sure I'd find a way to mess this up. 

4) As a burger:

If this were a veggie burger, then the only thing cute about it would have been the bun, and I would have devoured it. But it used to be an adorable little cow, sooo ... #imnotjudging #imjustsaying

5) In a latte:

The other day my barista made me a latte with a heart in it. I told him that I was not impressed and that I want a cat face next time, which he said he could probably do. I'll have to show him this picture when I go back in and demand that that cat be Hello Kitty. 

6) In a bowl of pasta:


There is a whole line of Hello Kitty food that is a-do-ra-ble! There's HK olive oil, HK vinegar, HK corn flakes -- the list goes on. The problem is, I can only find it in bulk, and as much as I WANT six jars of HK-branded Nutella, I also WANT to not gain 50 pounds. 

7) As a waffle:


This reminds me of the Mickey Mouse waffle maker my parents had when I was tres petite. I blame them for my cute food obsession. 

8) As a fancy French macaron: 

The other day when I was concocting one of the many diets I go on that last one day, I decided I'm only going to eat sweets if they are superfancy. I think my rational behind this is a) doing so will make me feel super posh, and b) I won't be able to afford them so I'd eat them very infrequently. I'll let you all know how that goes. These are certainly on the okay list. 

9) In a bento box:

Bento takes two of my favorite things, food and kawaii, and marries them together in head-exploding cuteness. Come to think of it, bento should also be on my new diet because I'd never eat it! JOKE. I am pro-kawaii, but not pro-ana. Don't be mad. 

10) As a dumpling:

This is a Chukaman, or a steamed Chinese dumpling, sold at convenience stores for 150 yen ($2). After finding this last Hello Kitty treat, it's official -- I'm moving to China. Zài jiàn! 



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