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Stop What You’re Doing Because Your Cat Needs You to Watch this Video

Your cat called, said you "just don't get her," so watch this video on behavior and communication.

Liz Acosta  |  Mar 19th 2014

She sits sulking across the room. It’s only the living room but you feel the gulf of the universe between you and her. You offer her the things you know she loves, but she won’t turn from the window, out which she gazes longingly and wistfully. The other night you two were in bed together, and she slept as if you weren’t there. These days she’s quiet and resigned, refusing to eat with you present. She rejects your affectionate approaches, hiding away in her lonely contemplation. “What is she looking at?” you wonder, “Where is she going with her eyes focused on the wall but her inner world turned elsewhere?”

I’m not talking about your sullen lover — I’m talking about your cat.

Okay, so cats aren’t as difficult to decipher as your lover after an argument over leaving half-full glasses of water on the coffee table (guilty as charged), but they’re definitely not dogs, and they require a bit of nuanced understanding to get. (By the way, your defense is, “But the glasses are for the cat!“)

Fortunately there’s this totally adorable video infomercial artist Cindy Suen just released that tells you exactly what your cat friend is trying to say to you. Did I mention it’s totally adorable? Yeah? Because it is.

Watch it because it’s cute.

… and go apologize to your partner. After all, you didn’t mean all those things you said in the heat of the moment.

Your cat on the other hand? Yeah, don’t expect an apology from her.

Laugh with us:

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