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Meet Chester SmooshyFace, the Exotic Shorthair Star

He's the grooviest cat in town. To prove it, he has a Tumblr and a blog!

 |  Dec 10th 2012  |   2 Contributions

Chester SmooshyFace -- whose name quite accurately describes his Exotic Shorthair flat-face characteristic -- is a cat you should know. 

What is it about Exotic Shorthairs (like Pudge!) that makes them seem born with an air of refinement? Perhaps it is their flat faces that make it seem as if they are turning their nose up at everything, too high-brow to deal with such pedestrian matters as, oh, we don't know, chasing laser pointers. For some reason, the Exotic Shorthair looks particularly dapper in a top hat, smoking a Photoshopped pipe, donning a neat little bow tie. In space, of course.

Chester SmooshyFace will be able to afford commercial space travel -- or at least look like he can.

Chester SmooshyFace is of particularly fine breeding -- he is a retired breeder, after all, making him a prime example of his kind. His cohort, Garfield, however, is a rescued Exotic Shorthair. They are, perhaps, the best of both worlds.

The cats claim their favorite sofa spots.

Chester's fine poses and his silly antics are all documented via his Tumblr and his blog. These days every cat needs a Tumblr, and every Tumblr needs a cat. And everyday we need Chester SmooshyFace.

Apparently, however, it doesn't matter what kind of cat you are -- the preferred object of sitting is neither a throne nor a sofa, but a cardboard box.

Any old box will do.

Or sprawled out on your tummy watching television. Chester makes even such an impolite position look charming.

At least he has his tail down!

All images via the Chester SmooshyFace Tumblr


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