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Your Friday Open Post Is Hosted by Cats in Sinks

I always imagine that cats sit in sinks because they're having a self-care spa day. Look at these funny photos and tell us what you think.

 |  Nov 22nd 2013  |   12 Contributions

Cats hate water! So why do they hang out in sinks? Either they're really dumb (they're not) or they're up to something. Here's my guess:

When I think about why I hang out excessively near a bathroom sink it's usually because I am indulging myself in some of meditative preening ritual. First I'll floss my teeth, then I'll brush them, then I'll wash my face, then I'll apply a face mask, then I'll moisturize my skin, then I'll brush out my hair, then I'll blow dry it, then I'll flatiron it … have you ever given yourself two hours to get ready for a night out? I don't know about you, but I dig that time to myself. It's like I'm having a little spa day.

So that's what I imagine these five cats are doing. They're having a spa day.

My paw, it needs a glass of champagne in it.

Photo by Catster member Thomas

Luxury cat spa sink -- obviously.

Photo by Catster member Princess Elena

I require aromatherapy.

Photo by Catster member Snowflake

Do not disturb.

Photo by Catster member Tiger Thomas

Oh, you want to wash your hands? That's too bad. Stop stressing me out -- it's giving me fine lines.

Please discuss.

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