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Our 5 Favorite Cat Videos on Vine Right Now

The Vine video app is growing quickly -- maybe these cats have something to do with it?

Liz Acosta  |  May 10th 2013

Let’s talk about Vine. No, not the green thing that’s climbing up your walls. That’s OK, when I first heard of Vine I thought the same thing: “Wait, what? What is Vine? Why are people talking about it? Are the neighbors that upset that I’ve let the ivy in the yard go au naturel?”

I’m just kidding! I don’t have a yard! And I’ve successfully killed every plant that’s come into my care — including a pot of ivy.

Vine is this cute little app (currently available only on iPhone — bummer) that allows you to record and post six second video snippets. Its limitations allow creativity to flourish. Now everyone can be an experimental filmmaker!

And now we can get even more cat videos!

To start you off, we’ve collected five of our favorite cat Vines to share with you. Once you’ve got the hang of it, find Catster on Vine and shoot some Vines of you and your kitties celebrating Mother’s Day this weekend. Then, hashtag them #CatsterCatMom, and we’ll share them next week!

1. Here’s a cat playing with a sock

Because cats looove stinky socks, here’s six seconds of it on loop!

2. “Pet me, pet me, let me lick you, let me lick you. OK — BITE”

Ah yes, the classic bait and switch … and bait. CHOMP.

3. Toby the cat showing off

This clip makes us glad that Vine is limited to only six seconds because we’re sure Toby could do this for hours.

4. A tale of unrequited love

This clip manages to tell a story of jilted affections all in less than a minute.


Kittens, kittens, kittens!

And now, our our first Catster Vine!

We decided to entertain you with a little fortune teller. How does it work? Click on the video to receive your fortune for the day.

Wasn’t that fun? Join the party by searching for “Catster” in your Vine app or find us via our Twitter. Record and share your Mother’s Day Vines and tag them with #CatsterCatMom, and maybe you’ll see your kitty on Catster!

Photo: Cat taking a very important call on her cellphone by Shutterstock.com