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Cat Squeezes Into Small Soda Box Against All Odds

It's a classic story: Cat meets box, cat tries to get in box, box is too small. Or is it? Cat perseveres.

Liz Acosta  |  Nov 15th 2012

Sometimes no matter how much you wants to sit, you just don’t fit, and you have to throw in the towel.

This little cow kitty, however, remains undeterred, and despite several rescue attempts from her human, she insists on trying to fit inside of a box that is obviously two sizes too small.

Have you ever heard of visualization? The idea is that if you imagine the things you want, those desires will manifest themselves. We think this kitty might just prove that no matter how hard you wish for something, you can’t always get what you want …

But wait! In the face of all odds, the kitty does eventually squeeze herself into the empty soda box! We’re not sure where all of her goes, but cats move in mysterious ways and are capable of incredible physical feats.

And just look at how pleased she is with her little head sticking out. See that face? That’s the face of victory. The lesson here? Never stop dreaming. If a cat can stuff herself into a tiny box, then you can probably achieve anything you want to.

If you’re a cat.

Photo: Curious cat in a carton box by Shutterstock

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