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In This Rube Goldberg Machine, a Cat Is the Key

It's a convoluted -- and really fun -- way to say "happy holidays," and it employs a cat in a box.

Liz Acosta  |  Dec 31st 2012

The folks at Solve Media spent a long time devising, planning, setting up, filming, and editing the video for this modern-day Rube Goldberg machine. If you don’t recognize “Rube Goldberg,” you’ve definitely seen this kind of device before. They’re usually for comic effect in movies or cartoons — they use a complicated, intricate set of actions hitched together to perform a simple task.

In this case, the task is to wish everyone a happy holidays.

So you’re probably thinking, “What does this have to do with cats?” Well, everything. There’s a cat in this video who makes a brief appearance, but he totally steals the show. As one step of the machine, the cat is freed from a crate (in an overly complicated way), which then triggers another set of actions. Thing is, the cat is the only thing that can’t be aimed or precisely calculated. If the cat doesn’t walk in the right direction, the whole thing stops.

And can you believe they paid the cat $1 million for several seconds of air time? After filming his short spot, the cat retired to his luxury trailer outfitted with endless fish, rats, kitty treats, and a harem of stinky gym shoes to cuddle up with.

(Watch the video, it’s pretty cool — and the cat only makes it cooler.)

Via The Fluffington Post