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Rising Cat-Star Pancake Presents His Coming-Out Video

The black-and-white kitty fights Dobermans and wrestles Italian Greyhounds. But who is he, really?

Liz Acosta  |  Dec 4th 2012

Pancake of Camels and Friends rose to infamy when he ferociously play-fought with Sugar Tree the Doberman. Expertly dodging playfully snapping jaws, Pancake demonstrated a kitten courage, which has evolved into sassy sneak attacks (watch him in this wrestling match with an Italian Greyhound, for example!). Growing up before our eyes, Pancake is a star in his own right, and so Camels and Friends made this video tribute dedicated to Pancake and feisty felines everywhere.

In “I Am a Cat,” we are treated to a montage of Pancake being his cattiest. With a cool-as-a-cucumber bluesy soundtrack, we watch Pancake lounge, eat, deliver his opinion on a human’s haircut, groom, pounce, pounce, pounce, and pounce some more, then cuddle up close with his dog friends.

Pancake isn’t just a cat. He’s fearless, he’s stylish, he knows how to lounge like a pro, and he’s almost too adorable for words. You know what? He is too adorable for words, which is why you’ve got to watch the video above. There’s a moment where Pancake is cuddling with a dog pal, and the dog rests his head contentedly by the kitten, and the cuteness that ensues is speech-hindering.